About Me

I am a professional programmer in the Philadelphia, PA, USA area.

I don’t like describing myself as a web developer, or any other type of specific programmer. I have a background in engineering, and approach every project as solving a problem and making something work. I think of myself as a programmer who has the necessary critical thinking skills that apply to a wide range of applications.

My career started out in embedded firmware and digital signal processing. Most of the time I was working directly with hardware engineers and dealing with highly specialized, custom systems. This taught me how to approach program design and debugging from a holistic point of view. You cannot search the web for help when you are working on prototype that there are three of, and you need to be very diligent (yet creative) in your coding practices when your only software debugging tool is an oscilliscope or hardware logic analyzer.

Currently, I am working with web technologies. I am a Tech Lead at DiD. My primary job entails collaborating with the content creators, interactive designers, and graphics designers to create a working product. I am a very firm believer of standards based development, and strive for 100% compliant code whenever possible.

My areas of expertise include PureMVC based Actionscript 3 applications, Drupal custom themes and modules, API access to collections management systems, and integrating external data sources into Drupal.