Writing Samples

I enjoy technical writing when I get the chance. These are a few articles / posts I have written. I also have contributed a fair amount to Drupal Answers over the last several years.

JRE Detection

I don't use a lot Java applets, but they do pop up from time to time. I wrote this as a summary after I was really stumped about a decent way to detect whether someone had the Java Runtime Environment installed, and what version they had.

Pretty URLs and PHP

This is a short article that outlines a novel technique for creating pretty URLs while also addressing extracting and validating parameters, all in one step. I doubt am the only one doing this, but I have never run across it before.

Simple, Yet Powerful Flash Debugging

This is a short article about how I go about getting debug information from a live Flash application.

Lost Knowledge Refound: Sharpened FIR filters

When I was working in DSP, I used to spend a lot of time acquiring and reading texts, especially the “classics” and out-of-print books. I ran across this technique in a older book, and was asked to write an article for a new column in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. The article was republished in Streamlining Digital Signal Processing: A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook, and appears as Chapter 1.